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Title: Ageing and Employment: Identification of good practice

The report reflects on good practice, identifies key factors and recommends actions that can be taken at EU, national, company and individual level. The study also gauges the success of the European Employment Strategy, one objective of which is to extend the working lives and increase the employment rates of older workers.

Drawing on experience in eleven EU countries, the study acknowledges that a key goal of European economic and employment strategies is raising employment by extending working life. Encouraging this in practice without undermining living standards, the work/life balance, fairness or economic efficiency depends on companies and institutions finding viable approaches. The research involved selecting 41 organisational (company) case studies across a mix of economic activities in the public and private sectors. An analysis followed into (i) the strengths and weaknesses of the national institutional framework within which these organisations operate and (ii) selected good practice in initiatives undertaken by social partners, NGOs and national or regional policy-makers.

Source European Commission (2006): Ageing and Employment: Identification of good practice to increase job opportunities and maintain older workers in employment, Warwick Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick Economic Research & Consulting.
Type of Material Good Practice
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